Student Externships

Student Externships

You’ve probably heard about the usual dilemma of the college grad: You can’t get a job without experience, and can’t get experience without a job. How do you win? By starting now with a Student Nurse/LNA Externship in Vermont. Get the experience you need and be ready for a career the moment you graduate.

A Student Nurse/LNA Program provides intensive clinical experience, mentoring, and an opportunity to explore areas of clinical interest in more depth than is possible in nursing school.

What are the requirements to participate in an externship program?

  • You must be enrolled in a nursing program (and in good standing).
  • You must be licensed as a Nursing Assistant (LNA) by the state of Vermont.

There are three ways to become an LNA and to qualify for a Student Nurse/LNA Externship in Vermont:

  1. Take the LNA course during your sophomore year of Vermont nursing school.
  2. If you have had more than 30 hours of clinical experience as a nursing student you may take a written and practical test to become a licensed nursing assistant. To find out more, and fill out an application visit
  3. If you already have a Vermont LNA license and are currently in a Vermont school of nursing program, you may apply directly to hospitals which offer Student Nursing/LNA Externships: the UVM Medical Center (Burlington) 1-800-722-9922, or email: