Personal/Home Health Aide

Personal/Home Health Aides care for elderly, newborns and children with special needs, or those with injuries or disabilities, in their own homes. Personal/home health aides perform such duties as housekeeping, activities of daily living for the patient, such as personal hygiene, meal preparation, assistance with medications, and laundry. They may accompany a patient to doctor appointments and assist with physical exercise. Personal/home health aides may work independently or under the supervision of a nurse, physical therapist or social worker.

A Closer Look

The biggest growth in jobs in health care is projected to be in the home health arena.

Salary Range: $18,450 – $31,260

Salary Note: Earnings depend upon experience, geographic location, and client load. The average mean annual wage in Vermont was $28,050 in 2017.

Where you might work:
-Private Homes

Job Outlook: Personal/Home health aide positions are expected to be one of the fastest growing of all occupations because of the increasing needs of an aging population and efforts to control health care costs by moving patients out of hospitals and nursing facilities as quickly as possible, as well as consumer preference for care in the home. Employment is expected to grow by 38 percent between now and 2024.

Education, Certification and Licensing: Nursing aide training is offered in high schools, vocationaltechnical schools, some nursing homes and community colleges. Hospitals also offer training, as well as home health aide agencies, but most in Vermont require a commitment of employment as a prerequisite to getting the training.

Rochester Community and Technical Center’s RCTCLearn division began as a collaboration with local health care agencies and has grown into a nationally recognized e-learning education program for home care and hospice workers. RCTCLearn is an academic based e-learning system partnering with home care and hospice agencies as well as state associations to provide convenient, affordable, and effective online education to members, agency staff and volunteers.

Additional education can take home health aides into nursing positions such as licensed practical nurse, registered nurse, and so on.

Professional Organizations
National Association for Home Care and Hospice 202-547-7424
Rochester Community and Technical Center’s RCTCLearn Division 877.396.6261