True Nurse Stories

Read stories about real Vermont nurses and their careers. The jobs these nurses have represent a small fraction of the choices available to nurses when picking a career. Find out what inspired them to become a nurse, what kinds of responsibilities they have on the job and what they love most about being a nurse!

It’s Like Going to Work in Your Pajamas
Bryan Lorber’s story

Lifesaver Extraordinaire: From Firefighter to Charter Nurse
George Henry’s story

Preparing Patients for Surgery
Irene Bonin’s story

Making Health Care the Best It Can Be
Maureen’s story

Using Your Mind and Heart to Make a Difference
Jan Oliver’s story

Helping Patients Stay Heart Smart
Reg McCurdy’s story

I love the patients and the people I work with
Desi Plumley, LNA

I actually made the decision when I was in high school
Stacy Wissmann, RN