Desi (Desiree) Plumley, LNA

LNA_DesiLicensed Nursing Assistant
Grace Cottage Hospital
Townshend, VT

Desi Plumley grew up in the service area of Grace Cottage Hospital in Newfane, Vermont where her mother and grandmother work in the kitchen. After graduating from the local high school she worked in a photo lab. But securing a housekeeping job at Grace Cottage five years ago gave her an inside look at the career she now loves: licensed nursing assistant (LNA).

A self-confessed “clean freak,” Desi spent two years in housekeeping where she interacted with patients and staff each day, often lending a hand to nurses or physical therapists as they helped patients. She enrolled in an LNA course offered at the hospital, and after she completed the course, she passed the state licensing exam and became an LNA.

She enjoys being with patients all the time noting she can sometimes be the “eyes and ears” of the nurse, or the early warning system if something is going wrong. She says she particularly enjoys talking with elderly people who tell stories about war and the Depression.

“I love my job – I really do. I love the patients and the people I work with,” she says.

What is the difficult part of the job?

“Losing a patient in the Hospice Unit,” Desi responds.

Asked about the qualifications for becoming an effective LNA, she responds by saying,

“You have to have the right mindset, and be friendly, attentive to detail, caring, honest and organized.”

Clearly, Desi has found her niche; she is now taking pre-requisite courses to go on in nursing.