Making Health Care the Best It Can Be

Maureen’s story
Quality Improvement Specialist/ Nursing Supervisor

“Nurses are great people. They know how to laugh, work as a team, get the job done, be optimistic, and be tender.”

As the second eldest of seven kids, Maureen is no stranger to taking care of people. This lifelong caretaker has seen it all and doesn’t get grossed out easily. So it is no surprise that nursing came naturally to Maureen.

Maureen is a quality improvement specialist for the Vermont Program for Quality in Healthcare. She also works as a nursing supervisor at Central Vermont Medical Center. Maureen manages the nurses who give patients care, making sure they have the support they need to provide the best possible care to patients. On a daily basis she works with doctors, nurses, insurance companies, government agencies, data analysts, other quality improvement specialists and health care organization leaders.

Maureen was inspired to become a nurse by watching her mother balance a nursing career with raising children. As a child, Maureen was able to see the financial freedom and career options nursing offered.

“If you value job security, freedom, and you enjoy helping and meeting people, then nursing just might be for you. There is tremendous opportunity in nursing.”

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