Stacy Wissmann, RN

RN_StaceyInformatics Specialist
Brattleboro Memorial Hospital
Brattleboro, VT

Stacy Wissmann thinks it is a combination of influences that spurred her to become a nurse.

“I actually made the decision when I was in high school: my aunt was a nurse at the Veterans Administration Hospital in White River and listening to her sparked my interest over the years. I also had grandparents who struggled with medical problems, and in high school, I developed a concern for other people. Following high school, I became a licensed nursing assistant at a nursing home, which taught me basic skills and confirmed that it was a good career for me.”

“I attended Greenfield Community College (GCC) for my associate degree, and I have earned my bachelor’s degree in nursing at UMass; looking back, I wish I had gotten advice from a more knowledgeable guidance counselor and gone for my bachelor’s right away because it is hard to do it evenings when you have a family and a full-time job.”

After six years as a bedside nurse and clinical coordinator, she started to assist in developing nursing applications for electronic medical administration, and found she enjoyed developing tools for nurses to use in new computer systems. Currently working toward her national Informatics Specialist certification while she just earned her bachelor’s in nursing, Stacy notes that as a nurse it is possible to do many things in one’s career:

“If you’re willing to work hard and expose yourself to different opportunities, people in your workplace will recognize that, see the value you bring to the organization, and work with you to succeed in those opportunities.”