Using Your Mind and Heart to Make a Difference

Jan Oliver’s story
Nurse Manager

“Nursing is a profession where you are always learning. It allows you to use your mind and heart.”

When Jan Oliver was just one month old, she became seriously ill with pertussis. Hearing stories about the nurses who helped her overcome this condition inspired Jan to become a nurse. Now, Jan can give back to others.

Today as a nurse manager on the medical/surgical unit at Northeastern Vermont Regional Hospital, Jan manages a floor with 30 patients. Her tasks range from providing patient care to managing as many as 45 nurses. She trains and teaches other nurses about providing patient care. And with so many things going on in the hospital, no two days are ever the same.

Nursing has been a rewarding career for Jan. She enjoys the flexibility nursing offers, being able to work with any age group in almost any setting. She also likes to watch nurses develop their expertise and deliver great patient care.

Because Jan works in a small community hospital, she still has the opportunity to care directly for patients and see how her actions make a difference in her community. Jan once cared for a patient who died and when the patient’s daughter found out that Jan was with her mother when she died, the daughter was comforted.

“It is these small things that bring me satisfaction, the thought that I made someone feel better,” says Jan.

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