Healthcare Careers


Why Choose a Career in Health Care?

Health care is an essential part of human life. It is a career field where you can be certain you will make a difference to other humans. How many careers can say that? Ask anyone you know in health care and they will agree that helping others is their greatest reward. Some other key REASONS to consider health care as a career include:

When you have a career in health care, you are a respected member of your community and state. People respect your professionalism, your knowledge, and your ability to help them, often in a time of need.

After you are trained as a health care professional, you can work anywhere.

Your work will benefit people, so the degree of appreciation you receive will be greater than that in most other occupations.

You can earn a livable wage in health care; with additional training, your income can always grow.

Within the health care field, there are hundreds of different occupations to choose from, whether you prefer working directly with people, technology, or in laboratories.

As long as there are humans, your services will always be needed and you will form enriching bonds with the people you serve.

Positions in health care are intellectually stimulating because of new technology, surgical techniques, medicines and methods to improve patient care.

For the best testimony available about the rewards of a health care career, check out the Profiles of Vermonters who made this choice, and see for yourself the many REASONS why health care may be the right choice for you.

Do something that matters. For yourself. For others.