Health and medical certificate trainings are a valuable step on the career pathway for anyone interested in medical, public health, and allied health careers. Stacking these credentials adds substance to a resume by demonstrating practical skills – an advantage for job seekers in a number of occupations. Northern Vermont AHEC is committed to delivering CPR/AED and First Aid certification training in all of our career exploration programs for teens and young adults.

This summer, Northern Vermont AHEC will offer seventy Vermont teens the opportunity to fulfill all of the live training requirements towards the Vermont EMS First Responder (VEFR) certification. This opportunity is part of the Governor’s Institute on Health & Medicine being held at Vermont State University in Lyndon.  The VEFR certification is a basic credential that is intended to engage community members to begin work in emergency medical services. This credential is unique to Vermont and has a limited, but vital, scope of practice including: CPR, bleeding control, and patient assistance with medication during allergy, asthma, and overdose crises.  Participants in this summer’s Institute on Health & Medicine will be able to respond effectively to some of the most common life-threatening medical emergencies. For students interested in becoming emergency medical professionals, this opportunity opens the door to joining the next generation of EMS providers in Vermont.