The Vermont Health Exploration Resources & Opportunities (HERO) program provides year-round extracurricular science enrichment and career exploration for high school students interested in health care and health science. During the upcoming weeks, we will be sharing various posts by HERO mentors that examine and explore different health care careers. This week’s blog post is shared by HERO mentor, Clara Wyman.

“This week we thought we would branch out and talk a bit about Dental Health Professions.
To begin our discussion on this field, today we will be learning about Dental Hygenists. This is a career most of us will be familiar with but hopefully you can all learn a bit more about the profession.
The first video depicts a day in the life of a dental hygenist: Click Here!

This page shows a deeper look into the job outlook and qualities of a dental hygienist: Click Here!

Finally, this link shows more information on the tasks and technology involved in this career: Click Here!

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