The Vermont Health Exploration Resources & Opportunities (HERO) program provides year-round extracurricular science enrichment and career exploration for high school students interested in health care and health science. During the upcoming weeks, we will be sharing various posts by HERO mentors that examine and explore different health care careers. This week’s blog post is shared by HERO mentor, Elizabeth Fulling.
“Hi HEROs!! It’s Fabulous Friday!! Congrats on finishing the week out strong. Next week is our final week of the HERO program and Clara and I have begun brainstorming some cool final careers to highlight!! To close out our week spotlighting Medical Research we’ll be highlighting Pharmacologists! This career is so important to the development of new medications and the creation of safe and functional drugs used today!
To begin, here’s a general overview of a career and pharmacology and some of the qualification required: Click Here!
Here’s a day in the life video following a Pharma scientist during the Covid-19 Pandemic: Click Here!
This is another website discussing possible career paths and specialties as a pharmacologist: Click Here!
Finally, here’s a description of the differences between pharmacology and pharmacy: Click Here!

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As a minor in pharmacology I found today’s career to be wicked interesting and I hope you do too! Have a fabulous weekend! Stay Amazing!!!”