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Licensed Practical Nurses (LPNs) provide basic bedside care to patients whose common recurring conditions are generally stable. After licensure, LPNs typically find employment in a hospital, long-term care facility or another health care organization. They work under the supervision of physicians, dentists, or registered nurses (RNs), who might ask an LPN to give injections, insert catheters, or give patients other physical treatments. An LPN may also provide the patient and family with information about medical conditions, treatment and care. In the hospital setting, an LPN might take patients’ vital signs, monitor patients’ responses to medication and other treatments, or help patients with personal hygiene. They may also help registered nurses develop or change a patient’s plan of care.

Salary Range: $32,970 – $61,030

Salary Notes: The mean salary in Vermont was $47,860 in 2017.

Where you can study:
Community College of Rhode Island, Warwick, RI
Mount Wachusett Community College, Gardner, MA
Vermont Technical College – Randolph Center Campus, Randolph Center, VT
Vermont Technical College – Williston Campus, Williston, VT

Where you might work:
– Clinics – Dentist Offices – Government Agencies – Home Health Care Agencies – Hospitals – Insurance Companies – Long-term Care Facilities – Physician Offices – Private Homes – Schools

Job Outlook: The need for LPNs through 2024 should grow much faster than average for all occupations. This trend is due to the aging of the population in the U.S. and the current practice of releasing patients from hospitals shortly after procedures such as surgery.

Education, Licensing and Certification: High school course work should include plenty of math and science. After high school, licensed practical nurse (LPN) candidates must complete about a year’s worth of combined classroom and clinical study, then pass the LPN licensing exam for Vermont. Vermont Technical College offers the only LPN program in Vermont. Their “one-plus-one” program is available at eight Vermont locations. During the first year, students complete a Certificate of Practical Nursing and are eligible to apply for LPN licensure. If accepted into the second year program, students complete an associate of science degree in nursing and are eligible to apply for RN licensure.

Professional Organizations:
National Association for Practical Nurse Education and Service 703-933-1003