Community Health Worker

Also called: Promotor de Salud, Lay Health Advisor, Community Health Program Coordinator, Community Health Promoter, SASH Coordinator, Recovery Coach, Cultural Broker, Patient Navigator.

Job Outlook in Vermont
Medium Growth

What you might do
Community Health Workers work with people to improve the health of their communities.  They identify needs, do health screenings, and help people get the health care they need.  They help community members and health care providers learn about each other.

Where you might work
CHWs can work in a medical area or in communities. These can include health services, including mental health facilities, substance abuse programs, nursing homes, health care clinics, and neighborhood or faith-based organizations.

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Education Required
Community Health Workers usually receive on-the-job training.  A bachelor’s degree (4 years) is sometimes required.

Where to Study

For more information, contact your regional AHEC:

Northern Vermont AHEC

Southern Vermont AHEC